A Simple Introduction to Shape Grammars

Miranda C. McGill
SMArchS Thesis, 2001
Department of Architecture, MIT

(download thesis in .pdf format)

the Shaper2D applet

Download Shaper2D

Shaper2D Application v3.1 (basic)
Shaper2D Application v3.1 (advanced)

Note: These are Java JAR files. You may need to right-click on the link and select "Save Link Target As...". If you are using Internet Explorer, ensure that the file's extension is saved as "jar" NOT "zip" (otherwise it won't run).

As long as you have the Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer then double-clicking should launch this application automatically.

Previous version: Shaper2D Application v3.0 (basic)

About Shaper2D

The Shaper2D applet was created using Java 2 while the stand-alone application was created using the Java 1.4 API.

To run the applet you may need one of the Java plug-ins as not all browsers have built-in support. You will also need the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) if you plan to download and run the application. See "Java Downloads for All Operating Systems" for the correct plug-in for your computer.



Please note that the Shaper2D Application includes software developed by the Apache Software Foundation ( Shaper2D is an open source project.